FISTS Down Under Inc
About us

About us

FISTS Down Under Inc is the VK & ZL Chapter of the International Morse Preservation Society.
We have three simple goals:

* Further the use of CW (Morse Code)

* Engender friendship among members

* Encourage newcomers to use CW (Morse Code)

FISTS Down Under is committed to these principles.  We will support and promote all aspects of the hobby that fit these criteria.  These include:

  • Slow (QRS) Morse Code;
  • Contesting;
  • Chasing awards;
  • Chasing DX;
  • Ragchewing;
  • 599 tu QSOs;
  • Use of paddles, keyboards, straight keys, side swipers, bugs; and,
  • Constructing equipment for CW use.

in a friendly, collegiate environment.

You can contact us at vk3qb(at)


For 2022-2023 the FISTS Down Under Committee is as follow:

PresidentChris ChapmanVK3QBVk3qb(at)
Vice PresidentDerek DawkinsVK3KXdfdawkins(at)
SecretaryPhil PaveyVK3VBppavey(at)
TreasurerChris Chapman (acting)VK3QB
CommitteeGraeme MorganVK5GG graememorgan72(at)
ZL Admin & Liaison
Philip SharpZL1PSH

Recommended FISTS calling frequencies (MHz):

1.808            3.528            7.028            10.118          14.058          18.085 21.058          24.908          28.058

Social Media

And join us on Facebook; simply click the link below.

FDU VK Callsign VK2FDU

FISTS Down Under Inc has the callsign VK2FDU. This is used for our nets and training sessions. If you wish to use VK2FDU for a special event, please send an email to the secretary.

CONDITIONS: you must operate within the conditions of your licence class. You must provide a log in ADIF or Excel format either once a month or at the end of your activation.

FDU ZL Callsign ZL6FF

Contact Philip ZL1PSH for information.


FISTS Down Under uses social media, this web site and newsletters to encourage exchange of information in an open and transparent environment. Social Media and Discord offers a responsive (real time) informal platform for members to access and share information on their computers, tablets and mobile devices. We promote open and honest discourse. In the interests of maintaining harmony and balanced commentary, we ask all users to exercise good judgement when posting comments or replying to a comment. We encourage open debate and analysis of commentary. However, we will not tolerate:

* derogatory or obscene posts

* sledging or personal attacks

* potentially defamatory comments

* any form of sexism, racism or vilification

* any postings that are regarded as being in “poor form” or irrelevant to the objectives of FISTS Down Under

Postings that are inaccurate or misleading may be corrected or deleted by the Administrators. Proper copyright and reference laws or standards should be observed when posting. FISTS Down Under Facebook administrators reserve the right to remove or delete inappropriate postings and block offenders from accessing the page.  This policy applies to postings by members on any other sites, Social Media groups or pages.

Stop and think before you hit the enter key. Be kind, be considerate.

Your Privacy

We don’t share your personal data with anyone (other than as required by law). We only collect the minimum information required to maintain our membership register and to contact you. FISTS stores your name, callsign, FISTS membership number and email address.


You can download a copy of our Constitution here