FISTS Down Under


Membership is free and is now managed centrally from the UK.

To join, simply send an email to fdu(at) with your:
“name, callsign, email address, and

permission to publish your name and callsign in lists”. (please use this format in your email)

To search for member details please follow this link

(Note: you may need to apply for an account to access the members’ area of the website)

We no longer maintain a membership list here at FDU so please don’t send membership questions to us. Register for an account with FISTS UK and you will be able to access lots of useful data regarding membership information.

Membership Information

Our main activity is the weekly QSO Party on Friday Nights for an hour from 1100UTC. This is centred around the FDU frequencies on 80 /40 /20m so 3.528, 7.028 & 14.058.

We also have a Facebook group and use Discord to arrange skeds and discuss conditions, QSO’s etc. Other activities include:

Leagues Table

Contests and Awards

Reverse Beacon Network

If you have questions about these activities or resources just email anyone on the committee.