Friday nights, 1100-1200UTC

Bring your favourite key/paddle/bug/swiper/keyboard and let’s have some fun.  Bugs, keys and cooties are preferred, but bring your own flavour of sending device and join in.  The FISTS QSO Party is a casual, friendly event/contest intended to promote activity, build skills, and offer a bit of a competitive environment for those who enjoy a challenge.

When: Every Friday at 1100-1200UTC on 80, 40 & 20m.

Frequencies: For 80m let’s try to stay between 3.515-3.535MHz, for 40m and 20m try to centre around FDU freqs of 7.028 and 14.058

Speed: You choose.  Your QSO buddy should match your speed. Try challenging yourself…  go back to someone sending a little faster than ur used to… see how you go.  Ask to “QRS just a little” and the other station might just increase character spacing instead.  Try the Farnsworth methods and speed up but increase the space between characters and words….

Exchange: QSO basics – name, QTH, signal report and FDU number if you have one.  Pls feel welcome to have a conversation, or just stick to the basics.

Goals: develop competence, confidence and have fun.  Work as many (or as few) stations as you wish.

Scoring: 1 point per QSO.  Contest prizes are monthly and are the sum of your weekly scores multiplied by the number of weeks you submitted a log for that month. You can work the same station on different bands and repeats on the same band are also ok… so long as you work someone else in-between.

Prize: To be announced

Logs: Pse email your logs with claimed score, summary, soapbox commentsvand photos in any format (Word, Excel, PDF, Photo of handwritten log) to vk3qb@hotmail.com 

Feel free to use the FISTS Discord channel to assist in arranging your first QSOs or seek guidance from more experienced ops.

Above all, please respect other operators, try to meet their speed and QSO style, and have fun.

You can download the rules and Hints ‘n’ tips here