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Welcome to FISTS Down Under!

FISTS Downunder supports the use, preservation and education of Morse code - The club is devoted exclusively to CW operators, CW operating and people who are passionate about Morse code.

We have three straightforward goals:

»   Further the use of CW (Morse Code)
»   Engender friendships among members
»   Encourage newcomers to use CW (Morse Code)

FISTS Down Under is a chapter of the FISTS Club (International Morse Preservation Society) that services Australia and New Zealand.

New Zealand representative is:
David Allen ZL4LDY #14195
PO Box 9046
St Clair
Dunedin 9047
New Zealand

Australian representative is:
Garry Cottle VK2GAZ
96 Luttrell Street,
Richmond NSW 2753

The FISTS Club was founded in 1987 by Geo Longden G3ZQS of Darwen, Lancashire, England, after recognising a need for a club in which veteran operators would help newcomers and less-experienced operators learn and improve CW (Morse Code) proficiency.

Interested in becoming a member?

FISTS Down Under welcomes new members who have a passion for Morse Code. If you are interested in joining  - please visit the page, "Join Us/Renew"

Benefits of membership include:

»   Our popular monthly FDU Newsletter and newsletters of other chapters
»   Free use of the FISTS Downunder VK/ZL QSL Bureau
»   Operate the Club Callsigns VK2FDU & ZL6FF 
»   Help and support from like minded people

The FISTS Club is one of amateur radio's fastest growing organisations. It's an unique club, founded and maintained on solid principles using radio's oldest and yet most reliable communications mode - CW!



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